Now you can switch to solar using a model of purchase with which we are all familiar – your cell phone contract. It works exactly the same, except better. You sign a contract with the service provider to get a free phone, if you sign a monthly service contract with Planet Solar to provide you with energy, we will install the solar panels for free. But with solar, it gets rid of dirty electricity and replaces it with cleaner electricity with a lower cost.


A. Build the best company in the solar industry

B. Attract the best solar professionals

C. Develop a positive work environment that allows employees to achieve greatness with benefits, compensation and opportunities to improve!

D. Provide our customers with the best contractor and the solar experience of their lives

E. Reach everything above with the most competitive price guaranteed.


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How can we achieve this? Simple. We drive an excellent service both inside and outside the company. Our top executives’ job are to serve our sales and installation team. Your job instead is to serve you. If you are excited to be working with Planet Solar, then our team is excited to work for Planet Solar, and executives will be thrilled to be reaching high work in the solar industry, which allows the company to thrive.

By changing the business model from bottom to top, Planet Solar is becoming one of the most influential and respected solar companies in the industry – in fact, in all industries. In 2013, Planet Solar won the prestigious prize of the magazine INC, main 500 private companies in America with the fastest growth, best management, most innovative and most inspiring. In addition, when panel manufacturers, National Home builders, solar finance companies, and even the US government (HUD) need the most knowledgeable companion to launch a new program, they choose Planet Solar.